The ferry, she fetches ...

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   Named after a saying in the islands: "The ferry, she fetches what she fetches." In other words, you have no influence on what's going to be delivered. 
  We have found the best way to build on the islands is to let local builders do what they do best. However the difference between a so so house and a luxurious one is in the visible details -- things you see up close or touch. This is where home owners learn to ship barrels and live with 70lb suitcases every time they visit. 
  It really makes you mad to find that the lamp you carried in your suitcase is rusting only 6 months later. 
  In this spirit we are collecting information and links to help. So far we have received a several good ideas.

If you've found good products for the tropics we sincerely invite your comments at "How to contact us" Thanks.


In September 2004 Hurricane Ivan hit Grenada. It was the first hurricane to hit the island in 50 years. For a few pictures click here.

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