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Queen bed
Ceiling fans 
Heated outdoor shower
Fully tiled pool with fountain
Stereo with internet radio
& "iPod" hookup
Outdoor patio speakers
Five burner gas stove top
Refrigerator with freezer
Convection/Microwave oven
Blender and Hobbs Kettle
Dinnerware & silverware for four
Bed linens and
bathroom towels

220V Electric
Telephone & Complimentary WiFi




















What’s Tamarind Cottage like?
     Most Caribbean properties are referred to as “villas.” While Tamarind Cottage is quite upscale, we’ve avoided that pompous terminology, opting (in light of its size)  for the more appropriate “cottage.” At 500 square feet, Tamarind Cottage was carefully designed by us for our own comfort ... with high ceilings, lots of windows and doors, and imported Italian limestone tiles ... so it looks and feels much larger than it is inside with a separate living and kitchen area and a well-proportioned bedroom.

     But it’s what’s outside that really matters in the Caribbean. So we designed Tamarind cottage with a generous view-side front patio where you’ll sip rum, watch the sailing ships passing by, and take in each evening’s technicolor sunset. Secluded behind the cottage is a fully tiled free form pool with a second patio. An unexpected feature is the lattice-walled outdoor shower. At treetop level, it’s totally private yet totally al fresco. 

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Where on Carriacou is it?
     Living in a big city, we were desperate for privacy and quiet. So rather than build a big house on a tiny lot (like most people do), we decided on the opposite. As a result, in a world where land’s sold by the square foot, Tamarind sits in the middle of 2.25 hillside acres at the end of a private road accessed by a quarter mile cactus-planted approach in upper Craigston.

     But for all of its seclusion, the cottage is not isolated. Just beyond its grounds, out of sight, are some of the island’s most luxurious homes. And while you’re away from it all, the nearest beach and the town of Hillsborough (where you'll do your food shopping) are just 10 minutes away.

Why did you build in the hills?
     Our requirements also included “million dollar” views and cooling breezes. A decade of research and renting taught us that these could only be found higher up. (We learned the hard way that beachfront property is hot, muggy and buggy.) At 330 feet ASL, our views are 180+ degrees and our breezes magnificent. (See pictures for the former. For the latter you’ll just have to trust us.) 

Whats there to do?
     To help guests enjoy all that Carriacou has to offer and to make your stay as pleasant as possible, the cottage has a detailed guide to the property and the island with phone numbers, things to do, etc. (The “things to do” pages of this site offer up some of what we suggest to guests.)

What if theres a problem? 
     We also know stuff happens. Should anything happen while you’re at the cottage, call our manager. Please keep in mind that you’re in the Caribbean. Things move a bit more slowly there. So pour yourself a rum and relax. Help will be on the way.

What have guests said?

     In our minds, the greatest compliment of all is a returning guest, of which we have had many: some of whom have been back year after year after year. Here's what one such guest shared:

     We are just back from Tamarind Cottage and I wanted to let you know how charmed we were by it. What a delightful place!  It was difficult to leave. The cottage must be the nicest place to stay we have yet found in a number of years visiting the Caribbean. It was especially pleasant to find one where the owners so evidently enjoy cooking too.
Charles, London UK

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How does one get around?
     Carriacou is small. Most everything is in walking or hiking distance. Nonetheless, shopping in town or exploring the island are, obviously, easier with a car. Our manager will gladly arrange for one.       

What about Phone and Internet? 
     There’s no charge for telephone calls anywhere on Grenada and Carriacou. As well, the cottage now has complimentary WiFi. Click for more

Anything else to know?
     WATER: Even though Carriacou is in the tropics, water is a precious commodity ... a side effect of having great sunshine all the time. Island water is collected from rain and stored in cisterns, which means it can run out. In the house you’ll find some water saving tips which assure that all of our guests enjoy an ample supply.
     HOUSE PETS: The cottage has several colorful geckos. They eat bugs, so don’t try to get them out of the house or spray them with any poisons. Favorite hang outs are near lights (where moths are) and behind picture frames. They are also great photo subjects to show your friends and family when you get home.
     POWER OUTAGES:  It’s not unusual to lose electricity for no apparent reason or, on occasion, for it to be out for hours. The house has candles but it’s a good idea to bring a flashlight and batteries. And have some extra rum on hand.

*History of Craigston by G. Slade - large .pdf file

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