How's the communication system?
Phone:  Telephone service is available. The area code for Carriacou is (1) 473. For visitors who would like to give friends and family the number at the cottage it is: 443-6003. (Please check your international access code Ė itís the same as the US.) 
Cell Phone/Mobil: We are told that US visitors can now roam and that subscribers of AT&T can use their phones here. Europeans will find that GSM 1900 signals work, though  we canít vouch for their roaming abilities. Aside from the main telephone company we are also served by Digicel.
Internet: Internet service is also available and with the advent of broadband connections, Tamarind Cottage is now outfitted with free WiFi. As well, there are several internet cafes in town if you have other online or computer needs.
Ship to Shore Radio: if you are a sailor, it is the same as anywhere in the Caribbean. It can be quite useful. Everyone, including many taxi drivers, monitors VHF channel 16.

DX Short-wave
This section does not really belong here, but we didnít know where else to put it. 
     We have traveled all over the world and have found the short-wave reception on Carriacou to be better than anywhere else.

The Telephone Co. "Flow"
Formerly known as "Cable and Wireless," then "Lime," is VERY expensive (coming and going). Be very careful, calling anywhere from Carriacou will cost you at least $1US per minute and calling to Carriacou from the US can easily set you back $2 per minute (if you donít have a special international calling plan.) Similar costs have been reported by European visitors. We therefore urge you to have a Whatsapp, Skype or similar account. One of our favorites is MagicJack. It works extremely well from the cottage, however it is geared to the US.

Grenada Telephone Book
For your convenience we have provided a link to the Grenada telephone directory.



















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