(aka“Shakespeare Mas”)

The Globe Theatre it’s not….

Carriacou may be small in land area, but it’s large when it comes to cultural offerings. In addition to its famous Big Drum Dance, Maroon Festival, and Parang, its most unusual Carnival tradition is Pierrot. Every Shrove (Fat) Tuesday, pairs of masked, costumed men (see pictures) move from town to town around the island reciting from Julius Caesar (yes, you read that correctly) and, when a mistake's been made, hitting each other over the head with a stick. 


A carryover from the plantation era when slaves were forced to perform for their owners (and were hit when they recited in error), it’s an annual opportunity to mock the mannerisms and cruelties of the past. (In today's performances, toned down from the violent forms of the past, padding is placed under the headwear to assure that no one is hurt.)



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