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Special Travel Tips for guests staying at Tamarind Cottage (due to constant changes, we urge you to check with ALL carriers):

How to get to Carriacou in one day from the US
- From the US, the best way, currently, is via Caribbean Airlines from JFK/New York. The flight leaves at 7:00AM gets you to Port of Spain by noon where you can catch the 14:00 LIAT flight to Grenada, which gives you plenty of time to catch the afternoon flight/ferry to Carriacou. Delta has announced a twice weekly flight, beginning in June.

- All other US departure cities require a change of planes, usually landing you in Grenada in time to catch the 5:30PM ferry. The taxi ride from the airport to the ferry is only about 10 minutes, but if your flight is very late, or you stop for a beer, you may have to stay overnight in Grenada and take the morning SVG Air flight or the Osprey ferry.

- If your schedule allows you a choice, we recommend SVG Air versus the Osprey ferry. Itís faster and easier on the stomach (especially in the Grenada to Carriacou direction) and about the same price as taking the ferry from the Carenage in St. George's.

- When flying SVG Air, you should call them directly (1 473 444 3549 or 0328) to make your reservations with a real person (they are not on the Sabre system), as far in advance as is practical. These are small planes, seating 9 passengers with just one or two flights a day from Grenada to Carriacou. (During Regatta or the winter holidays, itís advisable to make these
reservations even as far as two or more months in advance.) Also, it is wise to confirm your reservation a few days in advance of your flight.

To get to Carriacou from Europe
We are told this is not difficult and so we are not providing special tips. for some options, see our "How to get there" section.

No matter where you're traveling from: Avoid Saturday
- While you can travel to Carriacou any day of the week, the most challenging is Saturday. Unless you are taking the the new Delta flight from JFK that arrives early Saturday morning (allowing you to catch the Saturday morning SVG Air flight to Carriacou), try to travel on a different day. 

- Arrivals late Saturday afternoons are especially difficult. Thereís an SVG Air flight on Saturday afternoon, but if your plane is late or cancelled, thereís no Osprey ferry "safety net." The next opportunity to get to Carriacou is on Sunday morning. As well, the banks are closed on Saturday afternoon (making it impossible to change money) and the police station may be closed (making it impossible to get a temporary driverís license). In turn, this could delay your ability to get your rental vehicle until Monday. 

Worst Case Scenario
- If you find yourself stuck on Grenada overnight (there are far worse things), you have many hotels to choose from, at many price points, from budget options such as Tropicana (near the ferry in St. Georges) to high-end alternatives such as the Grenada Grand Beach Resort (near town) and Rex Grenadian (near the airport). Obviously, the closer you stay to the ferry or airport, the easier it will be to catch a morning boat or plane.

- Grenada and Carriacou are outside the hurricane belt. Which is why Hurricane Ivan Ė  a once in 50 years event that struck in 2004 Ė was such a surprise. Now, six years later, the damage from Ivan (and its smaller sister "Emily")  has been cleaned up. Looking back, these storms helped the islands; teaching us to be more prepared. 

We are meticulous about keeping down mosquitoes. But lately, there has been some construction going on and the workers are not always as careful as they should be about standing water. Therefore, we suggest you pack a can of DEET (Off). Most likely you will not need it much, but, what the heck, you can always throw unused cans "overboard" at the end of the trip.




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