Sometimes you'll meet a Carriacouan where you really can't understand a single word.
This is the language they're speaking:

Language name  Grenadian Creole French
Population    2,300 in Grenada (2004).
Region    Carriacou Island. On northern Grenada Island it is in scattered pockets, mainly in rural areas.
Alternate names   Lesser Antillean Creole French
Dialects   Patwa, Patois.
Language use   All speakers older than 50 years.
Comments    The same as, or similar to, that spoken in Saint Lucia (M. Alleyne).


The term Maroon is traced to the Spanish word cimarrón meaning "fugitive” or “runaway" and applied to escaped slaves with who took to living in the mountains. 
Slaves often escaped  within the first generation of their arrival from Africa. 
In their hideouts, the Maroons preserved African languages, much of their culture and religion. 
They also retained the knowledge of medicinal herbs and practice of drumming and dancing when the herbs were administered.